Idag annonserade en Andrew Appleyard Salsa: A .NET Bridge for Haskell på Haskell Cafe.

Projektet ser ut att vara en del av hans Bachelor of Science (under ledning av Manuel M. T. Chakravarty):

   A .NET Bridge for Haskell: Dancing with the Devil

...vars abstract får beskriva det hela:

Libraries are essential for software development in any language. Access to the extensive collection of high-quality libraries provided by the Microsoft .NET Framework is, understandably, something that many programmers require. This thesis addresses the challenge of providing access to .NET libraries from Haskell by developing a runtime bridge, called Salsa, between their respective runtime systems. In doing this, a new technique for binding object-oriented subtyping and method overloading in Haskell was developed, which is type safe and has a convenient syntax.

(Sedan tidigare fanns HOC: A Haskell to Objective-C Binding - sida hos Google Code - med liknande syfte...)