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Journal of Functional Programming

Journal of Functional Programming is the only journal devoted solely to the design, implementation, and application of functional programming languages, spanning the range from mathematical theory to industrial practice. Topics covered include functional languages and extensions, implementation techniques, reasoning and proof, program transformation and synthesis, type systems, type theory, language-based security, memory management, parallelism and applications. The journal is of interest to computer scientists, software engineers, programming language researchers and mathematicians interested in the logical foundations of programming.

Mycket hög kvalitet från Cambrigde Journals under redaktörerna Matthias Felleisen och Xavier Leroy. Kostar pengar.

The F#.NET Journal

Artiklar om F# av Jon Harrop (författaren till bl.a “F# for Scientists”). Ett axplock:

  • The Essence of Functional Programming
  • Exploiting Tail Recursion
  • Sequence expressions and comprehensions
  • Parser combinators
  • Implementing a simple Ray Tracer
Kostar pengar.

The OCaml Journal

Till viss del samma artiklar som i F# Journal fast utifrån ett OCaml-perspektiv. Kostar pengar.

The Monad.Reader

The Monad.Reader is an electronic magazine about all things Haskell. It is less formal than a journal, but more enduring than a wiki-page or blog post. There have been a wide variety of articles, including: exciting code fragments, intriguing puzzles, book reviews, tutorials, and even half-baked research ideas.

Mycket läsvärd och gratis (även källkoden finns tillgänglig via darcs-repon). I senaste numret (#13) återfinns bl.a. den mycket läsvärda “The Typeclassopedia” av Brent Yorgey.

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